Dec 2009 I am also on facebook, under Natasha Lea Jones,

I have a record out with John00Flemming. The track is called "Im Not Fooled". out on Subversive records

I am recording a new album which will beloadable from and itunes and the like.


Love natasha x



November 2006

Dear diary,

I went to see a band the other night in Edinburgh called "Crevis". A really good metal rock band. Lots of raunchy guitars.

The new songs are more feminine. This makes sence, since I am a lady.

Some songs are ready to record.

I'm Also working on a track for a D.J. called Chris CoCo and another for D.J. John 00 Flemming.

Love Natasha xx


May 2006

Hello again, I've been getting involved in something called "healthy conserts". These are house conserts held in peoples houses. If any of you would like to host a consert in your house let me know. Great for house warming if youve just moved! There is a website I have a gig at Southport arts centre on the 21st July. Please see the News page for details. I will be supporting "Chris and Thomas."

Hope to see you soon!

Natasha x

March 2006

Dear All, Sorry that I've been away from this website. Thanks to all of you for your support in our Save Darwens |Heritage campaign. Hopefully I'll get some tunes recorded soon and get another cd on the way.

The weather to day is dull. Can't wait till summer.

Hopefully will write again soon.

Take Care

Natasha xxx

March 2005

Well, speaking of houses, do you know that the councils in Liverpool are after demolishing Ringo Stars house? I think thats a big mistake myself. If you could object by sending me an email I'd be grateful. The govenment is trying to demolish 400,000 homes in the north. The council in Darwen is not paying people enough money to get out and buy another home to move they will be homeless. It's all completely mad! Whats going on? It's all part of John Prescotts new scheme 'Pathfinder'... funny name for demolition I know. My community is feeling completely demoralised because the council have gone ahead with the decision to demolish our homes, yet they seem to be refusing to Compulsry Purchase us, meening we can't take the case to a public inquiry. So we are all being dispersed into other bits of Darwen against our will, when originally we were told we were getting new doors and new windows! Wierd!

Guess what's going to be where our homes should be...One of these new govenment scheme academy schools. This will be owned by the huge business cat Capita. It will be red brick and of a dull design. But it will make them very rich. Please email me an objection to the demolition of the Redearth Victorian homes.

I have a gig in Southport Arts Centre supporting Keith Jennings. The concert is a tribute to Nick Drake. On the 15th April 2005. Tel. 0151 934 2134.

With Love

Natasha x

25th Febuary 2004


Here is a picture of John Lennon's house in liverpool.
My dad used to live down the road as a child in Wavertree (It's a bit less posh there , ho hum)

A friend of my Dad's went to the same school as John Lennon (of the band The Beatles). It was strange to visit Johns house. I could Imagine him in there...washing the dishes.. humming a new tune. I so much wanted to knock and him answer the door. It was wonderful to see the house anyway.

The house were my Mum was brought up and the house where my Dad was brought up was also fascinating to see!

I haven't seen Paul Mcartney's house yet.

My friend and I got lost trying to find "Strawberry Fields". Maybe we shouid have we had taken the advice of the song: living easyer by keeping our eyes closed?


17th February 2004

"The Morning After" Review by Mike Davies

Spawned in Manchester, briefly located in Birmingham, female duo Pooka never enjoyed commercial success on the same level as their glowing reviews. An acoustic duo when singer-songwriters couldn't get arrested, they released a series of wonderful albums and singles that went studiously ignored by the world at large. Then, when the singer-songwriter bandwagon was travelling at top speed they were to be found collaborating with Orbital and Ultramarine and releasing an album with electronic artist Brian Duffy. The band is now defunct and Natasha now living back home in Lancashire has been busy putting her own project together with the help of grants from the Arts Council, the Prince's Trust and her hometown of Wigan. Bedrock tracks recorded in her bedroom on guitar and Hammond, then augmented with percussion, sometime PJ Harvey collaborator Rob Ellis producing and arranging two tracks, the album, It's not a million miles away from the organic sound of Pooka, the sound still very much cobwebbed wood-sprite folk with Jones's pagan New Age whispery witchery vocals (conjure Kate Bush spliced to Bjork and soaked in drugged potcheen) often suggesting her more of a female Nick Drake than the female Coldplay comparison quoted in her biog. There's also a hint of Eastern influence creeping around the otherworldly Welsh-Irish tendrils of her melodies that give things an even more esoteric texture. Lyrically the songs centre around relationships - skewed and otherwise, at times sensual at others slightly unsettling, rippling with yearning and desire, devotion and doubt, tracks like Monsoon, Other Things, Cure My Sentiment and the shivering A Little Voice gathering into an hypnotic haze not entirely without a certain hippie vibe, like love viewed through muslin. The title track, "Morning After", details the awkwardness of waking up with the lover of the night before, confused between feelings of pleasure and tongue-tied embarrassment at where impulse can lead you. The more you listen, the more subtleties you begin to hear in the voice and the arrangements, making this a truly beguiling grower.

Mike Davies


17th February 2004.

Hello! Happy New Year! This is the first time I've had a chance to write, can you believe it, I can't. I did a gig at the blue cat cafe in late December supporting Tom Hingley who is the singer of now departed Inspiral Carpets, (but he has a new band called The Lovers). He was performing solo and was fantastic..... intricate but gusty, bluesy guitar, sensitive songwriting and singing to go with.

The concert was raising money for the charity "Shelter".

Liam Gallager turned up with Mani from the Stone Roses, (He is now with Primal Scream). There are some press reveiws of the evening on the following sites: ( go to local news then search "Blue Cat Cafe" The piece is called "She's a Rock n Roll Star" Dated 22 Dec 2003.

See you later

love Natasha x




2nd Dec 2003:Massive appologies to anyone disapointed by the gig at 'The Met' !!!! who borght tickets in advance or came out in the cold to pay on the door...SORRY!! I've been told the date will be rescheduled. If you bought a ticket in advance, then the venue have told me you will receive complimentary tickets to the new date. I'll let you know when that is as soon as I can. It's been a lovely day in Manchester, blue skys. Sunny. The other day I took Gibson, (My cat) to the vet. Gibson is a lovely dark brown street cat. I got him from an animal sanctuary. His ears are torn and he's going grey. However I love him bucket loads and felt awful taking him to the vet. He doesn't like being in that cage I have to put him in and he doesn't like being in a car. However, he does like turkey. I made sure he got lot's of turkey when we got back. So he's happy again. At least he's off the streets. It's not often I get to reach this site to update it so I'm going to say it now, "Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!" . Lots of love Natasha. xxx

7th Oct 2003:Not bad weather, very windy though. Er, I better tell you that the date at the Thwaites theatre in Ewood has been changed by the venue to the 21st Nov a Friday night. Appologies to all of you for any confusion.! Tickets are now on sale. They can be ordered directly from this web site. Just visit the shop.


2nd Sept 2003:another day of changable weather in the u.k Manchester.